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  • Lendini

    Lendini is a leading provider of alternative funding solutions. We are comprised of a team of seasoned professionals who use cutting edge technology to assist small businesses with working capital. This technology enables us to provide each unique business owner with unparalleled service quickly and efficiently. Lendini’s proprietary technology can approve advances in just a few hours and fund the next business day.

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  • QuickFix Capital

    Quick Fix Capital prides itself in providing funding solutions to non-prime businesses. Utilizing  data-driven models Quick Fix Capital is able to provide working capital to businesses who would not meet most underwriting requirements.

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Using data analytics, not just experience to fund businesses intelligently.

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Who We Are

Funding Metrics is a powerhouse of efficiency and analysis. By assembling some of the brightest minds in finance, data analytics, and technology, we have improved the process of alternative funding.

Mission Statement
Through the use of data analytics, Funding Metrics provides a data model to itself and to its partners, delivering the knowledge required to advance working capital to qualified merchants, for the growth and development of their business.
Why We Do It

We have built an organization and crafted solutions to deliver opportunities for growth, to those who traditionally find it inaccessible. We look at more than just what’s on the surface; we analyze the human element.  While others underwrite based on the facts of today, through the use of modeling and custom underwriting, we also incorporate forecasts of where the business will stand months from now. Thus providing greater opportunities to merchants across the country, for additional working capital.

Our Snapshot


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  • David Frascella

    Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder

  • Larry Frascella

    Co-Founder & Owner

  • Nick Yiambilis

    Vice President of Business Development

  • John Eckstein

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Blake Tanon

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Anthony Nocera

    Chief of Staff

  • Melissa Flagg

    Director of Process Improvement

  • David Schofield

    Director of ISO Relations

  • Jimmie Blake

    Director of Merchant Recoveries

  • Paulette Yiambilis

    Legal Counsel

We make

Funding Look Easy

  • Analytics

    Intelligently focused on funding small businesses.

  • Leadership

    Innovative leaders on the cutting edge of FinTech.

  • Potential

    We look at every business for what they will be and not just what they are today.

  • Service

    Service is the life line of any strong business, Funding Metrics prides itself on the quality services it provides to our partners and clients.

  • Business

    The business owners are the core of our strategy. Our model is to invest in businesses with the right mixture of potential, longevity and experience in their space.

  • Future

    With investments in the next generation of FinTech to improve our models & mechanisms, our organization leads the revolution in alternative finance.


  • Funding Metrics, LLC

  • 1 Evertrust Plz, Suite 1101, Jersey City, NJ 07302


  • +1-855-212-6610

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